Sunday, 22 February 2009

Getting Inked.

I am really wanting a tattoo on my wrist. I am thinking of something to do with Mini-catslife - maybe his time and DOB - along the lines of Angelina Jolie's coordinates on her arm.

Is that too obvious though?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cooking doesn't get tougher than this...

Did you see the Brits Last night?? I watched some of it, I always expect more of these things and them to be better than they are.

U2 of course are fab, but Bono makes me cringe a bit now as he is a wee bit too old and watching him dance felt oddly like watching your Dad try to cut some moves at a wedding.

Kylie looked great but as always way too much botox (I wonder if her and Danni get some kind of family discount?)

I am gradually warming to Girls Aloud ( although that feckin Promise song does my head in), but how lashed was the Sarah one? They did look great though and rocked the feather burlesque job - but I am sure Kylie has done something similar..

I watched it until I got fed up pondering who did Duffy's make up as the fake eyelashes were a really bad, bad job, then decided to watch Masterchef.

Now I am seriously addicted to Masterchef. I love the whole build up and by week 2, just like X factor you are an expert judge and can spot who is going out or onwards in the first 10 minutes. I love the fact that John Torode and Gregg Wallace get fatter as the series goes on, and of course Gregg cannot resist a pudding. I actually wonder if he can dislocate his bottom jaw as he seems to be able to fit a ladle size spoon in there..

It is now done to the quarter finals, with some unlucky bugger going out tonight. My money is on the young guy - he is too inexperienced. The winner - I reckon the guy who has came back from last year's heats.

Back to Reality

Can you believe My Boy is 5 months already? 5 months! where did the time go? I won't drone on and on about baby-detail (cause I know it is boring to everyone apart from Mr Catslife and Granny- Catslife) but it is amazing how quick babies learn things. Things we take for granted and obviously all learned ourselves, but each week I see a little step forward in his coordination or communication abilities.

I have 4 months left until I return to work and my thoughts are returning to the real world. I work in the Banking Sector and unless you have been on planet Zog for the last 6 months, you may have noticed things aren't too hot there at the moment. This has got me thinking about what I want to do when I return to work. I know I do want to go back to work - don't get me wrong being a Mum is brilliant and Son of Catslife is the love of my life, but I do need adult company to keep me sane- but I don't think I want to go back to the work I did.

There are offers of redundancies floating around, there are other jobs out there, but do I take a risk? My mind is ticking overtime on what to do.

The other thing I have learned is that children pick up every cold and nasty going. We have all had a horrible stomach bug that originated in Mini-C and quickly spread round the whole family. After 2 days of vomiting and 3 days not eating, any remains of baby weight have now gone. unfortunately the pale gaunt look that I am sporting isn't as great and has me seriously considering some type of cosmetic filler treatment.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


I am not sure if it is the fact I am now the mother of a young baby boy or I am emotionally not very strong at the moment, but undoubtably like every other parent out there, the tragic death of Baby P has horrified me beyond words. I have shed a tear while feeding my son in the early morning hours when my thoughts morbidly turned to the lonely death that the little boy had in his cot.

Like any I cannot fathom how anyone would treat an animal far less their own flesh and blood like this and I feel powerless and furious at the same time over this tragedy.

I truly wish the mother and step father/boyfriends a painful slow death, not unsimilar to that of baby P, but my true rage lies at the catalogue of incompetence by the social work and GP's that were meant to protect this child.

As an employee of a bank, I have personal responsibilty to ensure I follow the laws and guidelines set by the FSA and within the banking code. If I don't do my job and break the rules, I personally could be charged and end up with a heafty fine and criminal record. These people have a duty and responsibility with greater reasons. I know socail workers are overworked and the national services are under strain, but how a GP can miss a broken back, bite marks and missing finger tips is nothing short of unbeleivable. If I had my way, that individual would be serving time in prison along with the parents.

RIP, Baby P, a nation mourns your short life. X

Monday, 13 October 2008

Son of a Witch..

Well, I am back & I am the proud mum of a very handsome baby boy. I went into labour the day after my sweep and the boy was was born on the Thursday afternoon. Things didn't go to plan, as he was a big baby and managed to get stuck, so it was the sunroof option in the end, but the scar and shuffling like a geratric afterwards was definately worth it. Although I am still undecided if I will be down the the pregnancy route again.

For those wondering about the pains of labour, I can honestly say it wasn't too bad, bad as I had an epidural so despite labouring for 14 hours, I didn't feel a thing and slept through most of it!

I think it was more trauamatic for my hubbie watching the monitor of heart rates and his endurance of the hours passing.

The days are flying by in measurements of sleep and volumes of feeds but we are slowing getting into a routine and I am now back into pre-pregnancy clothes with only a 1/2 stone to loose until I am back to my usual weight. So not all bad at all.

I also have the new joy of tiny clothes shopping for a male who doesn't complain no matter how long I spent looking at shoes!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

No News, goddamit.

Well I was back at the midwife yesterday and had a membrane sweep done. (don't read if you have any fear of child birth please.) I can now totally sympathise with those poor cows you see on Vetinary programmes with someone's arm stuck up inside them.

So after an afternoon of cramps , I had my hopes of going last night. I'm 'fraid not - seems the Antichrist is holding on in there, despite my midwife's gorrilla handed attempts to shake him/her out.

My Mum told me yesterday, that I was a MONTH late - my due date was the 8/11 and my birthday is 6/12! Jeez. The good news is that in this day and age they don't let you go that long, so my midwife will phone the hospital on Friday AM for an inducing date between Mon - Wed next week , so the end is now in sight.

I am REALLY fed up now and going shopping this afternoon - I am refusing to be housebound anymore! Fingers crossed my waters break when I am in M&S!!

On a more annoying note, I have managed to do something to my mobile phone account online so can't reply to the umpteen texts that people are sending to see how I am and b*starding Vodaphone Customer Service is doing my head in with what seems to be their fundamental employment criteria of staff must have a single figure number of brain cells..

I now remember why I left them before.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

For Miss F..

Don't do it..

X Factor

Having not much to do these days but wait and lower my IQ level with daytime TV, I have become a voyeur of odd programmes that I never new existed and watching repeats of things I don't usually have time to see.

X Factor is one of these. Now I don't know why I keep watching, because they seem to be rolling out he sob stories to disguise the fact that the talent is wearing thin this year and I am meaning with the judges. Simon remains Simon with his pantomine baddie comments, Cheryl contributes nought apart from varying her 3 lines of ' I really enjoyed your voice' or ' I love you' or 'your gorgeous'. And occasionally crying when left to make a decision on crap singer's fate. (here's a tip - if they weren't good enough the 1st time - they won't be now)

Louis is a non - entity as far as I am concerned and contributes as much as a card board out out.

But what holds my curiousity is what the hell is happened to Dannii's face? Even Mr Catslife picked up on this. I cannot decide if she has went one botox injection too far into the world of Jocelyn Wildenstein or she needs to have a word with her makeup artist who obvious skill is making her clients look like stroke victims on camera.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Still Feckin Preggers.

'nuff said really.

I have been amusing myself with looking at new winter clothes to buy. I am actually quite impressed with some of Next's stuff (apart from their blatant M&S copying advert with wonky eyed Danni Minogue).

Only downside is when you go online to order anything it is all sold out or has what feels like a million weeks delivery wait time.

A bit like this lazy baby that I am carrying.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Still here..

My midwife told me today, that despite things happening it could be another 2 weeks. I don't think I can bear another fortnight of daily calls from various family members seeing if I am 'still there'.

In other news and observations I am loving Posh's New Crop. Not everyone's taste, but I do admire short hair on women. Stylish women I might add, not the Shirley from Eastenders look..

Saturday, 6 September 2008

I think things are beginning to happen..

the signs are there folks.. I woke this morning and thought I had peed myself but now I suspect it was my waters breaking. (it isn't really like in the films with a tidal wave - it can be a slow trickle fact fans). Since then weird pains and other things are starting to happen and I am now sitting oddly alert and very nervous like I am about to go into an interview.

Anyway to keep the mood light and stop myself freaking too much, I think Mickey Rouke demonstrates a good arguement why you shouldn't mess with what nature gave you.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Je Ne Pas Sexy.

Well, the wallpaper trip went fine, although the 2 hour matching paint to the selction of papers (How many shades shades of white/ magnolia is there FFS?!)was a bit testing.

My gran still haven't picked one yet, but she left happy clutching more samples than a sample factory. Someone else can now pick up the mantle of the next buying stage..

In between my last post I have managed to tear a muscle in my abdomen after trying to dry Reggie the other night when he came in from the rain. (My cats do like a good rub with a towel).

So the midwife has just left and I am now wearing what I can only describe as a full body tubi-grip and a wriggling baby who can also feel the difference in pressure. I look an utter state & I am never going to get it off and then on again myself. There is a good chance that I could be tubi-gripped until I go into labour now.

I tell you, I will not be down this pregnancy route again, purely out of fashion principles. He or she will just have to make do with cat-brothers.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Take That and WTF??!

Now I have never been a Take That fan, so I am not really very clued up on their earlier hits..

But I came across this mouth opening shocker last night on one of the music channels.

Chainmail jock straps and jelly covered asses... I bet this didn't make it onto the greatest hits album.

Monday, 1 September 2008